KCCI Des Moines reports that the Iowa State Police has seen a huge rise in speeding recent years, oftentimes in excess of 100 miles per hour.

In 2013, the State Patrol caught 342 drivers exceeding those speeds, but that amount has increased to 729 in 2018.

"People just keep driving faster," Iowa State Patrol Lt. Nathan Ludwig said. "They don't obey the speed limit signs."

Ludwig said eight drivers were pulled over for traveling 150 mph in 2018 and that he has heard of drivers traveling even faster than that in Iowa, with 188 mph being the highest speed he has heard reported.

Many speeders are caught now by other drivers taking cell phone videos.

Police think speeders assume they can get away with the fast driving. Although some still do, the ISP does their best to catch them, and 100 miles per hour or more is certainly hard to miss.

Fines for exceeding 100 MPH are typically $300.