According to the Great Morel Hunt, the nearest reported Morel mushrooms found in Illinois are all the way down in Peoria. But with the wet weather teaming up with rising temps, Morel mushrooms should be in the QC area by Friday.

Rain is likely on...Thursday, so it will be the day after the rain falls that you’ll want to head out to your local forest and begin your search.

But what if you have no idea where to find Morels? has a few ideas on where to start a Morel mushroom hunt:

  • Edges of forested areas where oak, elm, aspen and ash trees grow.
  • On slopes that face south in open areas.
  • When it gets warmer, on north-facing slopes in more wooded areas.
  • Look around dead and fallen trees.

You found some Morel mushrooms, now what?

Midwest Living has 19 amazing recipes that include Morel mushrooms. You can include Morels in pasta, pizza, meats, fish, and sandwiches to name a few.

For me, I'm all about that deep fried Morel mushroom.

Bring some bug spray and gather some friends, Morel mushroom season is here.

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