During Spring cleaning many Americans finally do a deep clean of their living spaces, but usually miss out on cleaning out the fridge. Most Americans are guilty of this. The Los Angeles Times reported that the Average American wastes 25% of food by letting it spoil. Image leaving the spoiled food in your fridge for months....

If you feel bad about not cleaning out your fridge, don't because we here at B100 haven't cleaned out our fridge in forever. We have a video as we cleaned out or fridge and found food that expired OVER A YEAR AGO.

So while you are deep cleaning your place towards the end of Spring don't forget to take a look in the fridge, and don't forget to throw out the condiments too, especially  that ketchup that's been sitting there since 2018.

Also word of advice... If you are cleaning with friends don't eat any of the spoiled food for the a laugh. It is a bad idea.

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