Think of some of the greatest rivalries in sports. The first that comes to mind is my beloved Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals.

I'm pretty sure this rivalry has given my mother a few more grey hairs. My step-dad is a huge Cardinals fan (we all make mistakes in life). He even offered me a autographed photo of former Cardinal Albert Pujols. My reply was I needed some toilet paper anyway.

Monday night, that rivalry kicked into high gear with the Cubs fighting for a spot in the post-season and the Cards standing in the way.

It's the second inning, and Cardinals batter Jedd Gyorko hits a foul fly ball down the third base line headed into the stands. Shortstop Addison Russell does what any shortstop would do...he chases it, right into the stands and a fans nachos. Now, this wasn't any fan. It was a Cardinal fan. That's hostile territory. Addy came up with a hand full of nacho cheese and the fan not only got a selfie, he also had his nachos replaced by Russell...oh, and the nickname "Nacho Man!"

Is this guys 15 minutes up yet? He was signing autographs well in to the fourth inning. By the way, the Cubs won 10-2 and are one game closer to the post-season for the second year in a row.

Check out the video and some photos (including the selfie) here.

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