With the first wave of toys from the new Disney+ show The Mandalorian (2019) Fans have been quick to try and find the best "Baby Yoda" toys out there.

The internet meme and beloved character is actually named "The Child." He first appeared in the first episode, and by the second episode, every fan had fallen in love with this adorable alien, even people who haven't seen the show are loving the baby Yoda craze.

Sadly with popularity comes scams, and many third party stores online are trying to cash in on the baby Yoda cash cow. They are selling toys that are just old versions of the Star Wars Character 'Yoda' Just changing the name of the toy to 'Baby Yoda'. Knock offs are also very common.

Experts recommend checking reviews and rating before making that purchase when it comes to baby Yoda, or other popular toys.

The child aka baby Yoda is a small green baby alien with huge ears, and eyes. This may explain why everyone finds him adorable, but in the show the child is actually 50 years old. The species apparently ages much slower than humans. This just adds another layer of questions to the new Disney+ Show.

Credit: Star Wars Source: YouTube
Credit: Star Wars
Source: YouTube

According to Parrot Analytics, The Mandalorian is the most in-demand TV show in the world, and is Disney+ top TV show. The first episode came out on November 12th, 2019. Staring Pedro Pascal. It is also sitting at a 95% on Rotten tomato, at the time of writing, new episodes are also released every Friday, and last just under thirty minutes.

Are you in love with the new character baby Yoda?

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