I'm convinced countless accidents could be prevented if we all just turned our headlights on while driving in bad weather.

When we had terrible fog and rain earlier in the week, I encountered at least half a dozen people who were driving with their lights totally off. I understand that some people may forget, but I'm convinced that others just don't care or see the need.

Luckily, there's a new bill that just passed the IA Senate and is headed towards the House that would require headlights to be on during sleet, snow, fog, or rain. According to the Des Moines Register, Iowa lawmakers had previously not felt the need to create such a bill, since it seems like common sense.

Pileup accidents on Iowa's highways during the recent snowstorms were said to have been caused by both driving too fast and limited visibility, so it's clear that a law like this is necessary.

Fingers crossed this bill passes in the House, but it seems likely. The fine for violators would be $30, which isn't much, but could still be enough motivation to get people to abide.

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