Youtubers, billionaires, actors and countries world wide have been coming together to plant millions of trees. One Youtuber named Mr.Beast planted 10 million trees, by having people donate and help plant. This was a huge event on the internet, but now the bar is being raised by New Zealand by planting an estimated 1 billion trees.

If everything goes according to plan, the program would play a key role in the country’s efforts to "mitigate climate change" according to Stuff. New Zealand is considering enacting a zero emissions target by 2050 and planting trees could be incorporated into a cap-and-trade, or emissions trading scheme (ETS), program.

As of the time of writing this the total budget is $485 million and will be used over the next three years. New Zealand has framed the tree planting initiative in social uplift terms. They are still hoping to raise even more money for this program.

According to Global Citizen, the government is considering public-private partnerships that would provide grants to landowners to plant trees on their properties. Because they welcome almost any sponsorship.

It's great to see so many people coming together to do something they love, and to help the planet. No word yet on how long planting a billion trees will take, but most are estimating at least three years once this program takes off.

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