Niabi Zoo is celebrating the birth of precious new baby animal.

Local News 4 reports an Eastern Black and White Colobus Monkey was born recently to two zoo residents.

The baby, named Kindu, made his entrance on December 10 to parents Shirati and Tuli.

The zoo is home to nine Colobus monkeys already. The species is integral to the North American Breeding population, and Niabi partners with other zoos nationwide to help preserve the Black and White Colobus species. The monkeys' natural habitat is in the woodlands of Africa.

“This cooperative breeding program helps not only assure that these beautiful animals will be here for zoo visitors to be inspired by, but also serves as an assurance colony in the event re-introductions into the wild are ever needed”, said Lee Jackson, Niabi Zoo director. “The Niabi Zoo’s success with this species has made it an important contributor to this program.”

QC area zoo visitors will have their first chance to see Kindu when Niabi opens for the season on April 11.