We're taught from an early age that "if you see something, say something." When it comes to fire, this is a no brainer. Very few things – especially on the side of a road – are supposed to be on fire.

So, when residents of Cedar Rapids started seeing a new billboard along Cedar Point Road, they were good, concerned samaritans and called it in. But, as it turns out, the billboard wasn't on fire. It's just fancy.

The Cedar Rapids Fire Department made an official statement on their Facebook to help clear things up:

My personal favorite part of the statement? "There is no fire and do not call 911 to order a pizza!" Is that even possible? If I got hurt, and called for an ambulance, could I request it come with a pizza? Not likely. But a girl can dream right?

Regardless, we're happy that this was just a semi-successful marketing trick, and no one was actually hurt.

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