Have you been able to get into Disney+ yet?

It was a stressful first day for the streaming service, as their servers were overloaded by the flood of people coming in. I had issues myself, but eventually, I got in! Of course, some old Disney Channel favorites were at the top of my list to stream first. But also at the top was Noelle.

Noelle is a Christmas movie, starring Anna Kendrick as the titular character. As Santa Claus's daughter, she is tasked with helping her brother Nick (Bill Hader) become the next Santa. Her suggestion? Nick needs to take a weekend away from the North Pole to clear his head.

Naturally, Nick panics harder, and disappears for longer than a weekend, in Phoenix. Hijinks ensue, including Bill Hader as a jolly yoga instructor, Anna Kendrick kicking a mall cop and ending up in the psych ward, and Billy Eichner trying to streamline Christmas.

On the whole, it's not the best Disney Christmas film out there. Classics like The Santa Clause will always outshine it. But Anna Kendrick is in her sweet spot with this one, balancing innocence and biting sarcasm with ease.

It's hard not to get emotional as she bonds with the children of the world, rediscovering what Christmas means to her. Noelle is a likable character, making Noelle a likable movie. Plus, there's an adorable CGI baby reindeer. I'd give it a 7.5/10.

Note: I'd also recommend wearing elf gear while you watch it, because Anna Kendrick's costume is a serious highlight of the movie. Personally, I always vote slippers for movie night. Like these!


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