Here we were, thinking we were finally done with Winter and all its crazy weather. But sure enough, more snow fell this weekend! Thankfully, it wasn't much – an inch or less in most areas. Odds are, it'll melt fairly quickly thanks to the spike in temperatures we've had lately.

But as it melts, you might notice more litter in your yard or on the streets. Anything that got picked up by the wind or was haphazardly tossed out is showing up again, after having been buried for months.

If it's been there for awhile, you might start to get concerned as to why, right? Well, according to KWQC, it's not regularly collected by the city. In fact, it's not technically the city's job to clean it up, at least not in Davenport.

Per their findings, it comes down to the owner of the property that the trash is on. It's unfortunate, but it does make sense. So, if you're starting to see more in the gutters or yard, it's up to you to grab it and help out!

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