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A new scam is targeting Clinton County residents and officials in Clinton County are trying to get the work out.

It's the start of a new year and we have our first scam warning of 2021. This scam is impacting Clinton County citizens.

According to the Clinton County Sherriff's Office and Clinton County Communications, there is a scam going around where people are calling and giving a name of former Lt. at Clinton County Sheriff’s Office, the departments phone number and the departments address. After that, the scammers are saying that there is a warrant for the person’s arrest and bond out for them.

The person that is being called is told they need to pay a certain amount of money, or they will be arrested.

Officials from the Clinton County Sheriff's Office is telling residents that get called by these scammer,

"Do not give any personal information or money to subject on the phone. If there would actually be a warrant you would not be called over the phone."

Clinton County Sherriff's officials say that Clinton County Communications has received several calls with the same scenarios described above. Those reports have been forwarded on to the Clinton County Sherriff's Office investigations department.

TIP: If you feel that a scammer is calling you, either do not answer the phone or if you do and then realize it, immediately hang up your phone.

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