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It's been one year since downtown Davenport was severely flooded after a section of the flood wall in place was breached.

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 at 3:35 p.m., a section of the HESCO barriers in Davenport was breached. Water quickly filled the streets, leaving many parked vehicles and businesses partially underwater.

The HESCO barriers on River Drive, which were in place to protect downtown Davenport from flooding, failed at Pershing allowing the Mississippi River to cause severe damage and flooding.

The Exact Moment the Flood Wall Broke One Year Ago

According to WQAD, the city of Davenport announced in October of 2019 that the total cost of the damage from the flooding was around $3.5 million.

Last year, the Mississippi River crested at a record high of 22.70 feet on May 2nd, 2019. The previous record set was July 9th, 1993 at 22.63 feet.

The Mississippi River set another record last year as being the longest lasting flood, being at a major flood stage for 52 days in a row.

Davenport Flood Wall Breach

Drone footage from downtown davenport after HESCO barriers fail from QC Drone.

There were also several people who were trapped in stores that needed to be rescued by boat.

Davenport police have blocked off the surrounding streets as flood waters continue to rise.

It's been one year since the flood wall broke in Davenport. One year later, there still is no permanent flood wall in Davenport to protect the downtown from flooding.

HESCO Barriers have already been put up once this year, and luckily, flooding was minimal. As of today (April 30th, 2020), the Mississippi River is at 12.6 feet, 2.4 feet below flood stage.

We know Davenport community came out of the flooding last year stronger, and we hope what happened in 2019 never happens again.

Flood Wall Breach 2019

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