'Tiz the season to cook. Maybe cooking isn't your thing, or you're sick of cooking this season? Pizza Hutt has you covered.

In my family, we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. My mom has us all over and we have a party. My mom is a really good cook, but every Christmas Eve for as long as I remember mom either makes homemade pizza or we order Pizza Hutt pizza.

According to Mobile Marketer via WQAD.COM, Pizza Hutt has a new Ultimate Cheesy Crust Pizza and they want you to try it this holiday season. They want you to try it so bad that if customers tweet pizza slice and gift emojis along with  #TisTheCheesen and @PizzaHut  you have the chance to win the "Tis the Cheese'n Holiday Starter Packages."

The "package" includes gifts like sweaters, holiday cards, mugs, string lights, and blankets.

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