Just because school will be out, doesn't mean the learning has to stop.

I am a big fan on-going learning. In fact, for kids or adult, I don't think we should ever stop. Providing opportunities for our children to explore, learn and wonder helps encourage a life-long adventure in education and self-learning is one of the greatest tools we can give them.

The Putnam is one of many places offering wonderful summer programs for Quad Cities kiddos. Their half-day or full day camps will keep you children busy during the summer and keep them learning things they may not get to during their time in a school setting.

According to Putnam.org,

Camps for all ages, K-8, which include survival skills, culinary classes, engineering and Egyptian studies are quickly getting booked. In fact, the Harry Potter potions and spells class is already sold out.

Who says learning isn't fun? Remind your kiddos of this when they are identifying plants in a field or making a science project in the kitchen for fun.