If you own anything that purrs, barks, swims, or has scales, you'll want to mark your calendar for May 2nd.

As we've discussed, it can be hard to find wet pet food in the QC because of the shortage (especially challenging if you have a picky eater, like my tiny hellion), and while all the money and effort is going into finding their food, a lot of us haven't picked up a few fun pet accessories. We have a chance to do just that.

On May 2nd, Amazon will launch its first-ever 'Pet Day'. May is National Pet Month and it kicks off a 24-hour sale (perfectly, it's the day before my shelter kitty's estimated birthday, so bonus reason to shop it).

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So if you've wanted a cat backpack, a camera that can toss out dog treats, or if you want to upgrade your aquarium, now is the time to do it. Many different treats, accessories, and furchild necessities will be discounted. There will also be discounts on brands too, including Frontline if your pet needs tick protection.

Need additional justification to shop for your pet? Amazon said it will donate $50,000 to animal shelters in Seattle. You can help QC animal shelters through AmazonSmile. This includes the Quad City Animal Welfare Center in Milan.

Already planning what you want to get? Or maybe waiting until the day of for surprises? The Amazon Pet Day sales will begin at 2:00 a.m. CST and the sale is open to all U.S. shoppers.

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