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To kickoff 2021, we started a new program with Nothing Bundt Cakes to honor and reward our awesome Quad Cities teachers and educators. It's called QC Teacher of the Week and are so excited to announce this week's teacher of the week!

Before we tell you about our this weeks B100 Teacher of the Week, don't forget you can nominate your favorite teacher or your child's favorite teacher right now! Whether your are in elementary, middle, high school, or college, we want to know who your favorite, or your child's favorite teacher.

Tell us their name, where they teach, what subject they teach, and why they are the best teacher in the Quad Cities! Click the blue button below to nominate your Quad Cities Teacher of the Week now!

It's now time to announce this weeks B100 and Nothing Bundt Cakes QC Teacher of the Week!

Congrats goes to Mrs. Calesia House, who is the band/orchestra teacher at Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Moline!

QC Teacher of the Week

Mrs. House was nominated by three students, Romina Garcia, Kyndall Dobbelare, and Alaina Jones. Romina said,

My favorite teacher is Mrs. House! She is the band/orchestra teacher at Woodrow Wilson Middle School. She is the funniest teacher ever! She really knows how to brighten my day and is very supportive. She makes me look forward to her class everyday!

Kyndall said,

My favorite teacher is Mrs. House. She teaches at Wilson Middle School in Moline. She is an amazing teacher. She’s our band/orchestra teacher and everyday is so fun! We always get to learn challenging, but super fun music. She’s very understanding and makes sure we are having a good time. She doesn’t get super annoyed if you forget your instrument. Everyday we always have a fun time and she’s like a second mother to all her students.

And Alaina said,

My favorite teacher is Mrs. House at Wilson Middle school in Moline. She teaches band and orchestra to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, along with hosting a study hall. She is my favorite teacher because she makes class fun everyday. Me, along with many other students, go to school each day wanting to go into her class because it’s a safe and enjoyable place to be. She is the sweetest teacher in the school and connects with the students easily. We’ve all learned so much in Mrs. House’s class because really, she’s amazing at teaching!

Great work Mrs. House! For being our QC Teacher of the Week, Mrs. House has been rewarded with a B100 Prize Pack which included a B100 stocking cap, stickers, a Pepsi, a B100 Bluetooth speaker, and more things, plus an awesome cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes

Thank you for your hard work and dedication Mrs. House!


Click the blue button below to nominate your B100 and Nothing Bundt Cakes QC Teacher of the Week!

QC Teachers of the Week Powered by Nothing Bundt Cakes

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