If you've visited Chipotle in Davenport or Moline lately, check your credit card statements. According to WQAD, a nationwide malware attack allowed hackers to steal credit card info from customers between March 24 and April 18. The hackers were able to retrieve information from the magnetic strips on the cards, including the cardholder's name, card number, verification code, and expiration date by infecting cash registers.

Make sure to check your statements if you ate at Chipotle during that time period, and report any suspicious transactions to the FTC or local police department.

Chipotle has seen a lot of bad press over the last couple of years, including hundreds becoming ill from e-coli and salmonella tainted food back in 2015, and sales that continue to decline to this day. It's been tough for Chipotle to rebound from the food poisoning incidents, so can imagine this hack is not the type of press they need right now.

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