According to Dispatch Argus The city of Bettendorf was given a $2.2 million federal grant that, coupled with state and city contributions, will make $2.95 million available to buy out up to 22 homeowners in the flood plain along Duck Creek.
John Soenksen, community development director spoke on that the plan was stating that the city has previously identified up to 360 single-family homes in regulated flood zones and, of those, pegged about 80 for buyouts, based on their being the "first to flood" because of elevation.

It is also noted that this is the second round of buyouts of homes in the flood plain. And so far Of the 80 pegged houses, 10 were purchased and demolished in 2017 with the area made into 'green space'.

These buyout are helping many people. According to Mark Cooper, who is a home owner in that area, flood insurance has jumped from $600 to $1600 in just three years. These buy out save Cooper from having to try and sell his  house, which would be difficult due to these incredibly high rates.

Many officials and homeowners still in the area are worried about the amount of possible abandoned homes. Some are also frustrated to see how many homes are being bought for so cheap by investors who are just renting the houses out.

According to Quad-City-Times The city has three years, or until December of 2022, to complete the buyouts. In addition to the federal portion of $2,215,650, the state of Iowa is contributing 10%, or $295,420, and the city of Bettendorf will contribute up to 15%, or $443,130, if every person pegged for a buyout takes it.

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