Infamous rapper Tekashi 69 has officially been released from prison due to him being at "high risk" for the coronavirus. He will be serving the rest of his two year sentence at home.

Daniel Hernandez, AKA Tekashi69, Arraignment - Houston, TX
Getty Images

The rapper took to Instagram after his release to mixed reactions. His loyal fans were happy to see him, but many now hate 6ix 9ine for being a "snitch," leading him to make a new bio on his Insta. It now says "Why everybody callin me a snitch? I’m missin something...? "

Some people see him as a traitor due to the fact that he did turn over a few of his associates to the FBI, and other organizations, but others see it as fair. Those associates may have very well betrayed him first. One of his last post on Instagram was in 2018.

He's always been known for his ego, and a few fans are worried that he may either get in trouble with the law again, or with someone who is angry with him. Only time will tell.

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