If you love musical theatre or Americana in general, or if you're looking for a family-friendly outing for the kiddles this Summer, I've got a good idea for you.

I've been a theatre kid for years so when I moved to the QCA and heard that the original River City from "The Music Man" isn't terribly far away, I put it on my checklist to go.

We went to Mason City, the birthplace of "The Music Man" composer Meredith Willson and the basis of River City. From the QC, it's a 3.5-hour drive, so not terrible.

If you're not familiar with "The Music Man", it's the story of smooth-talking con man Professor Harold Hill, who poses as a bandleader and sells band instruments and uniforms to the unsuspecting townsfolk of River City, with the promise that he will train the new band members. Of course, Harold isn't even a musician at all and plans to skip town but a love connection and dose of humanity bring that idea to a grinding halt.

Very classic vibes.

The Music Man Square also has different events going on throughout the year, click here to check on those.

I took a few pics while I visited (we got there too late for the last tour of Meredith Willson's childhood home, but they do tours of that too!) Since we went on Mother's Day weekend, there were some vendors set up, so those aren't weekly but you'll see them in my pics.

Summer Weekend Trip Idea: See the Real River City from 'The Music Man'

If you're trying to figure out new places to go (especially kid-friendly ones) check out Mason City, Iowa!

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