It's absurdly cold in the Quad Cities, but in the desert that is Roswell, New Mexico, things are only heating up. Here's what you need to know heading into tonight's episode.

Liz and Max are clearly into each other, but Liz also just wants to figure out the truth about her sister's death. It's a bit difficult though to not focus on him though, considering Max seems to be everywhere she is: at her sister's grave, at church...seriously, everywhere.

She's had a crush on the guy since high school, and on top of that, her handprint has almost faded, which means she can make out with Max real soon. So of course she asked him to meet her “at the old turquoise mines at sunset." He's all about it, but he also knows that soon enough, Liz is going to figure out his secret – especially when she asks him to telepathically share his memories of Rosa.

Still, Max agrees to do it but sure enough, a glimpse of something suspicious slips through: Rosa violently pushing Max away from her, with the words “A fraudulent zodiac” written on her hand. Liz doesn't seem to notice right away, but it didn't get past her totally.

According to Maria, “a fraudulent zodiac” is a Third Eye Blind lyric Rosa wrote on her hand the night she died. As it turns out, Rosa’s toxicology report is a fake, and her autopsy photos show an alien handprint across her face. Now that Liz is officially suspicious of Max, love might have to be put on hold.

As a result, tonight's episode is ominously titled “Tearin’ Up My Heart” (N*SYNC would be proud though).

Don't forget to keep an eye out for me as you watch. During the show, I'll pop in with the Roswell Word of the Week. You'll want to write it down because tomorrow during my show, it'll be your key to winning a Quad Cities' CW swag bag!

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