Aliens have officially landed in Roswell, New Mexico. Well, technically they've been there for awhile, they're just really good at hiding their true selves. Let's recap what we learned last week.

We met Liz Ortecho, who was essentially forced to return to her hometown when the government cut funding to her latest research project. But it wasn't all bad. On her return, she ran into Max Evans, a handsome sheriff’s deputy who she had a pretty big crush on in high school...who's an alien.

She definitely didn't know his alien secret but, when she's bleeding out on a diner floor due to a drive-by shooting, Max uses his alien powers to heal her. So, now she has an idea. But, in saving her, he also created a psychic bond between them. Liz was surprisingly cool about it all.

Of course, any good show needs a cliffhanger in the pilot, and we got a good one. Max's sister Isobel warns him that hat Liz “can never know about what happened” to her sister Rosa, who died in a drug-related car accident years earlier.

And so tonight, we pick up with that, and I am ready.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for me as you watch. During the show, I'll pop in with the Roswell Word of the Week. You'll want to write it down because tomorrow during my show, it'll be your key to winning a Quad Cities' CW swag bag!

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