According to the latest inventory, Scott County can use your help.

I see so much waste at grocery stores, delis and restaurants through no fault of their own, that it's unbelievable to me the extra can't be used to feed hungry people in our community. I realize there are laws and policies in effect to protect everyone, but a warm meal goes a long way on a cold night when you haven't eaten all day and the chips are down.

River Bend Food Bank reports they only serve 27% of the need in Scott County compared to Rock Island County, who is currently meeting 64% of those in need and only are able to give people 3 days worth of food once a month, according to an article from

“We cannot do what we’re doing without all those folks,” Miller said. “At the same time, we should figure out how to expand our distribution channels to meet the entire need. Giving someone three days worth of food and say, ‘Good luck,’ the rest of the month is not going to end hunger.”

Other food pantry helpers in the QC believe the greater needs for food lies in the rural communities.

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