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Scammers are at it again. This time, they are taking aim at a specific group whose information is easily accessible to the public. Registered sex offenders are the main target in this new phone scam.

According to the Scott County Sheriff's Department and our news partner, Local 4 News, there is a new scam going around the Quad Cities. This scam is targeting Registered Sex Offenders for money.

The Scott County Sheriff's Office says that Registered Sex Offenders are being called and threatened that they will be arrested if they don't provide money (gift cards) that the scammer is requesting. Registered Sex Offenders' information is easily accessible on public websites. This public information allows very easy access to these Registered Sex Offenders' information.

Even though this phone scam is mainly targeting Registered Sex Offenders, scams are not just isolated to Registered Sex Offenders specifically. Anyone can be a target of any scam.

The Scott County Sheriff's Department wants to remind people that their office, any sheriff's office, or any law enforcement agency would and will not request money from someone. If you feel you are a target of a scam, hung up and call local law enforcement.

For more updates on scams that are happening locally, at a state level or across the country, stay up to date with local, state and federal law enforcement's social media pages or newsletters.

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