Okay food world. I've been tolerant. I've tried weird things like potato chips and ice cream. I haven't cut off friends who dip their pizza in ranch, even though it's super weird to me. But this – this is just too much for me: Sour Patch Kids cereal?!

Oh how I wish I were kidding. But no, it's a real thing. According to reports, the cereal will come just as the candy does, in the same shapes and flavors. The company also says that the cereal will have the candy's sour-then-sweet taste.

But can we talk about the milk? Sour milk is generally something to stay far away from, not strive toward. On top of the weirdness, the cereal won't be cheap. It's set to sell for $4 per box and will be sold exclusively at Walmart starting Dec. 26.

For me, this is going to be a hard no. I was open to unicorn cereal, but sour patch kids? Some things should be kept separate. Will you try it?

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