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Connor Kenney

"Trick-or-treat, smell my feet, spray JT with cans of string!"

It's that time of year, witches. All the grocery stores are full of so much candy it gives your dentist a heart attack, houses are covered in decorations that make you wonder where they even put that at, and scaring/pranking coworkers doesn't get H.R. called on you. Yes, it's spooky and tricking season.

I always love to prank people. Sure, I know sometimes that comes back on me and people try to freak me out. Fortunately, I always try to strike first so I know I can always be on my toes after the moment I choose to strike.

To make the first prank light and fun, I decided to spray JT with some good ole' fashion silly string. On Tuesday, my wife and I went to Spirit Halloween in Davenport so she could pick out our costumes while waiting to get a call from Plato's Closet. While there, I found silly string that would make this Wednesday so much fun.

My wife suggested to get 4 cans of silly string since they are all the B100 colors, pink, yellow, blue and purple. As you watch the video, remember that this is the first of many to come. Watch your back JT, Connor is coming after you.

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