There seems to be one thing that brings all Quad Citizens together: a fond remembrance of a former local water park. Wacky Waters was where many in the QC spent long summer days in the pool, going down slides, and laying in the sun. From when it opened in 1984 to when it closed in 2006, it created lots of happy memories for visitors to look back on.

Perhaps even more memorable than the park itself is the Wacky Waters jingle. I STILL get it stuck in my head from time to time. In fact, I don't think summer official started until this jingle hit the airwaves:

I can almost smell the sunscreen and chlorine!

If you're wondering about the fate of the park, the property was most recently being used as a facility to train Davenport firefighters. 

Although we have smaller local pools and parks to enjoy in the QC, it would be great to get a bigger park in town!

If you're looking for some adventurous slides in the meantime, check out this water park not too far from the Quad Cities.

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