Do you ever wonder what the election is like from a child's perspective?

This is an exciting election for a local 8 year-old. The last time there was an election, she wasn't able to tie her shoes, ride a bike and barely knew how to french-braid her hair.

I know this because she is my kiddo and her dexterity and fine motor skills as a toddler were amazing. You should see what she can do with her hair now. She also started reading at age 3 and well, has always had a unique perspective of the world. Am I bragging, yet? Ok, yes. I suppose that I am a little. Did I mention I am also a very proud mama?

I sat down and asked her a few questions about what us 'grown-ups' do. Here's is what she had to say.

Me: When you found out who was running for President, Hillary or Trump, what did you think?

Her: I thought, 'Well, oh boy, this is going to be a heck of a long debate and I'm ready to learn about each candidate.'

Me: What is the difference between a Democrat and Republican?

Her: 'One is Hillary. One is Trump. They each stand for a lot of different rules. Hillary thinks there should be more rules about guns and Donald thinks there should be less rules about guns.'

Me: Ok. There's more to it than that, but it's a good start. What have you been learning at school about the elections?

Her: 'Obviously about the two candidates.'

Me: Ok, SassyPants I got your answer loud and clear. What's one thing that stands out to you about the candidates that you learned?

Her: 'That Hillary shared information about the FBI and that Trump was divorced twice and married 3 times. He doesn't know how to build trust and who would marry someone that looks like him?'

Me: Who do you think should the win the election?

Her: 'Michelle Obama.'

Me: (laughing) What? She's not running for President. What makes you want her?

Her: 'She's my 3rd party choice. She cares about health and she will make the world healthier but still fun, at the same time. Just like what you believe in, Mom. (and this is when I begin to tear up and smile) Michelle would also be the 1st Lady President and she was already the First Lady. Her husband is the latest President and was with him when he did the President-thing, so she knows how to run it, ya know?'


Me: I can see that. (still laughing) How do you think people should keep from getting upset about the election, either way, if they win or don't win?

Her: By just knowing that, you know, in some places you can't vote. That they are told who they have to respect and don't get a choice.