Have you been to the Figge lately? If not, don't worry. It looks as though it'll be around for a long time.

According to KWQC, the city council is reviewing a financial agreement with the museum that would continue its funding, with the Figge receiving $800,000 annually through 2030. Officials say the goal is to create long-term financial stability for the Figge, allowing it to maintain its status as the cultural hub of the city.

The current funding agreement is set to expire in 2023. This one will take the Figge through to the next decade and beyond, as it will renew automatically. The proposal includes funding $753,000 annually from 2023 to 2025, then upping  to $800,000 from 2026 to 2030 to cover the projected cost of living.

According to KWQC's report, taxpayers will not see an increase as the funds will not go to any museum upgrades. It's expected that city council will make a decision on the plan and act on it within the next month.

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