Road trip, anyone?

Somehow, despite being the ghost-obsessed person that I am, I still hadn't heard of Edinburgh Manor in Monticello. And now that I have, I think I need to plan a visit ASAP.

Touted by several paranormal websites as "the most haunted place in Iowa," Edinburgh has quite the sad history. The manor was built in 1911 and served as a home for the "incurably insane," along with the poor and elderly, according to Edinburgh's website. The facility remained open for almost 100 years until finally shutting down in 2010.

All of the people that lived and died at Edinburgh obviously left an impression on the building in order for it to receive the title of most haunted Iowa location. In recent years, Edinburgh has been re-opened for tours and even overnight stays.

During these tours, guests have experienced strange scents, odd noises, high EMF readings, and photographic and video evidence of paranormal activity while visiting. The manor has several videos and pictures of supposed apparitions compiled here.

If you're interested in visiting Edinburgh, it's only a little over an hour away from Davenport. You could easily take a quick trip to Monticello for one of the day tours, offered by request on the weekends for $10 a person.

Want a more intense paranormal experience? Edinburgh offers overnight tour experiences for $200 for a 5 person group. Find more tour reservation info here.

Check out some of the creepy photos Instagram users took when they visited the manor below.


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