While many things have been canceled and numbers are down for many sporting events. A few events are seeing a huge spike in numbers, Video game playing and people watching others play video games are at an all time high, with many new competitions taking place, and a lot of betting happening as well.

Video games make sense after all, a lot of us are stuck at home. This new event that's been around since 2016 and has always had a small, but loyal fan base, has now broken out to the front page of the internet. It is called marble racing.

The most popular videos come from Dutch brothers Jelle and Dion Bakker. The videos show multi-colored handfuls of marbles racing down paths on sandy hills or Formula 1-inspired tracks. The marbles have names and fan-created social media accounts.

Marble racing has truly become a huge "sporting event" with thousands of people watching and even betting on winners. Iowa is also jumping on this trend. Iowan Greg Woods has provided commentary on at least 75 of the marble racing videos since the summer of 2016, and says the last few days have been surreal. Although he is originally from Newton, he currently resides in Fort Dodge, and is shocked to see how much this event has grown.

Some of the races are calm and fun, and other are very intense...And fun.

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