The aurora borealis may be visible in the Quad CIties early on Labor Day, reports KWQC.

A gorgeous light show could be visible as far south as St. Louis. For now, Northern Illinois, Northern Iowa and above are looking like sure bets, but the QC could get lucky.

You'll have to stay up late (or wake up early) if you want a chance at viewing them, however. The best time to spot the Northern Lights will be between midnight and 4 am.

You'll also want to get as far away from the city lights and as far north as possible. The weather should be warm and comfortable enough to view the lights from outside, in contrast to most winter sightings. Road trip, anyone?

Increased solar activity and a new moon are creating the light activity.

Want to experience a really spectacular light show? National Geographic has a list of dream locations to view the aurora borealis here.

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