When you think 'Valentine's dinner,' the right atmosphere is a must.

If you haven't thought of where you are going to take your sweetheart for dinner, there are plenty of beautiful places with a romantic atmosphere. After looking at what these restaurants have to offer, it's only a matter of picking which wonderful place you are going to dine.

In the Quad Cities, I found some of the neatest and nicest places to go.

1. Ruthie's inside Rhythm City Casino, Davenport.

A friend recently went to Ruthie's recently and was so impressed, I got these pictures.


2. Crane and Pelican, Leclaire.

This review from Yelp.com says it all. They also have vegan and gluten-free options, as well.


3. Blackhawk Hotel, Davenport.

It's noted as 'Hipstoric' and they are right. Everything about this place is, what I call, 'swanky' and it's divine being in such a historic place.

4. Hemisphere's Bistro, Bettendorf.

The menu is outstanding and the creativity on the plate is delightful.

5. Barley and Rye, Moline.

If local, sustainability with a menu that changes according to what's in-season is up your adventure alley on Valentine's Day, you will get your fill here. It's gorgeously presented and tastes as good as it looks (and is just as good for you). Plus, they have a huge scotch selection with other drink options that are never disappointing.

6. The J Bar

An inviting ambience with fine-dining and exotic menu options, this experience is sure to help you put a little 'rrrr' in romance.

7. Granite City.

It's been recommended more than once to me and seems to be a local favorite everyone loves in the Quad Cities.

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