In life, there are some simple joys: a dog tugging on its leash because it wants to meet you, the first sip of coffee in the morning, or maybe watching Jeopardy in the afternoon.

Granted, Jeopardy can get intense, especially when you're YELLING at the TV screen because a contestant is about to miss a simple answer. For Quad Citizens, that probably happened twice this week.

On Wednesday, April 3, two questions came up referencing the QCA. The category was "Cities on the Mississippi."

The first prompt that came up was "John Deere plowed into this Illinois City, setting up shop in 1848 and it remains the world headquarters." Sadly, not one contestant answered correctly. It's MOLINE, YOU FOOLS!

The second prompt was a bit easier for the contestants: "Sit down and put your feet up in this third most populous Iowa City." Apparently, Davenport is much more common knowledge for folks.

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