Yes, you could have the flu and not even realize it.

In this viral Facebook post, a mom expresses her confusion after her son woke up with hives, but presented no other symptoms of the flu.


Still, the boy tested positive for Influenza B, and it seems that other children have also after showing the same symptoms. No word on whether or not her son later experienced the more predictable signs of the flu, such as aches, fever, and cough.

It's interesting (and scary) to me that you could think you're experiencing an allergic reaction -the typical reason for hives- but instead, have a strain of influenza. I suppose our bodies react in different ways to illnesses.

While fevers certainly are awful, hives are extremely itchy and painful, so it still was a rough flu experience for that little boy. If you find yourself experiencing the rash, it may be time to get to your doctor.

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