You may have heard me talking about this product I use called Ultra 90.

I've seen huge results with this product in my weigh loss journey. I've run into many friends who haven't seen me in a while when I'm out and about at DJ gigs or station appearances. I dropped 40 pounds over the summer and I feel great. Now the fun time of year. We tend to let our weight loss programs go by the waist side (pun intended) during the fall and winter. We aren't as active. Ultra 90 can help with that.

Ultra 90 isn't a get skinny quick program. U need to give it 90 days to work and you'll see results at about 90 days. One bottle wont do it. It's super easy. I take 3 gel caps at bed and drink a lot of water. 8-8oz. glasses or more a day, and watch what I eat. I will occasionally go for a walk or 2 during the week. If the weather is bad, I will go walk around Northpark.

One question I've been asked is how much is it? Right now if you go to, or call 1-800-642-1100, you're going to get a 90 day program for $88 plus free shipping. If you wanna go big, get the 6 month program for $145.00 with free shipping.

This product works. Go to for more details, or call 1-800-642-1100.

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