The summer of 2019 past long ago, but there is a series of events that happened in Henrico County, Virginia that still sticks with me.

Someone wore a TV on their head and left "gifts" for people on their porch in the night. Those gifts were old TV's. This story went viral on YouTube because of how bazaar it is. Little is still known about the situation, but people are still wondering the same thing and that is... WHY?

We do know that the person wanted to be called 'TV Santa Claus' and that they had left at least 50 TVs on porches so far. We also know that as of now the person hasn't technically committed any crimes, though it could be seen as illegal dumping.  No one has tried to press charges.

The things we don't know is much larger. No one has come forward with an identity, and no one knows where these TV's were acquired. If someone had bought 50 old TV's you think someone else would have noticed.

Credit Daily Mail Source: Youtube
Credit Daily Mail Source: Youtube

The final thought on this by the "victimizes" of this case is that it was just a harmless prank done by college students, since it was the summer time and kids were probably just looking for something fun to do.

Do you think this trend of doing weird random things will care into 2020? I sure do, my only question is where and when and what will happen next. The original article can be found here.

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