I filed my taxes at the end of February and was happily surprised to be receiving a refund from both my federal return and the state of Iowa. My federal refund was direct deposited five days later. My Iowa refund, on the other hand, has not been received after seven weeks.

When I go to the Iowa Department of Revenue's Where's My Refund? site, I'm told the same information day after day- "We've received your return. The return is currently being processed through our system." 

Yep, being processed for the last seven weeks. According to KCCI Des Moines, I am far from alone. This is the second year that Iowa refunds have been delayed and apparently, it's taking over two months for many people to receive their money.

Governor Kim Reynolds says the delay is due to fraud prevention.

Iowa Senator Tony Bisignano, however, believes that the state simply doesn't have the money to pay out the refunds.

Either way, the wait is extremely frustrating for many who were expecting to receive their money a lot quicker. Here's hoping refunds get straightened out soon.

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