When I was growing up, my dad and his friends would enjoy a PBR or Old Style beer. I would occasionally sneak a taste when I was a wee lad. While I've been away from B100, I have developed a taste for craft beer. Living in Muscatine there's a super cool brewery called Contrary Brewery Company.. You never know what to expect from this place. They had a beer they made with Fruity Pebbles cereal. That just goes to show you can make beer out of anything. Yes, I said anything. I read a story this morning about a brewery in Virginia that has crafted a OREO BEER! Wait, what? It's a chocolate milk stout...which I love, with crushed up pieces of Oreo in it. It's called Hornswoggler. I think I just met the new love of my life.

Micro-brews are super cool. We have a few here in the Quad Cities area. Some people actually take a vacation to go around trying different breweries. If this sounds like fun to you (sure does to me), our friends at the Des Moines Register wrote a article about some new breweries opening around Iowa. Check it out here, and if you go to one...remember your buddy Wes Jordan! Happy tasting friends.


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