A veterans memorial in Leon, Iowa was destroyed over the weekend, reports KCCI in Des Moines.

According to local police, multiple headstones and a veterans memorial were tipped over and smashed.

From pictures, you can see the veterans memorial has been completely destroyed, with plaques thrown to the ground. Area residents say they are devastated that someone would purposely destroy a memorial.

As of right now, the police have no suspects in custody and they're still searching for answers.

“We've been working on trying to generate leads and let the public help us,” Leon police Officer Julie Gfeller said. “They probably know better than anyone else. Getting the word out is really important. Somebody knows, I'm sure, what happened out here.”

Meanwhile, members of the community have come together to help clean up the destruction.

Although Leon isn't very close to the Quad Cities, it's still possible that someone could have information about the vandalism. Anyone with a tip is asked to call 641-446-6221.

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