Okay Quad Citizens, one of our neighbors is up for a huge honor – let's help him out!

Ian Malmstrom coaches 6th - 8th grade track and cross country at Colona Grade School and is among the 50 nominees for Most Valuable Coach, a program sponsored by U.S. Cellular. He also leads the scholastic and math team and helps out with the chess team.

That list of 50 will be narrowed down to just 15 after online voting. You can get him into the top 15 by voting here.

The finalists with the most votes will be announced October 1st. If Malmstrom makes it, Colona Grade School will receive $5,000. The final three winners will get donations of $50,000, $20,000 and $10,000 made to their school. The first place winner will also get a Samsung technology prize package worth $30,000 for their school.

This would be HUGE for Colona to win. We love helping local schools (you could win $25,000 for your school too!) and this would be amazing.

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