Getty Images, Justin Sullivan

There's nothing more convenient than ordering groceries online and picking them up without ever having to set foot inside a store. Walmart recognizes this and has been adding more locations for pickup service throughout the US, including at their West Kimberly location in Davenport. The Silvis Walmart is the latest location to roll out store pickup, according to the QC Times.

Silvis' store, located at 1601 18th St, began the service last Wednesday. To utilize pickup, customers can visit or use Walmart's mobile app. Personal shoppers select the items you order from Walmart's inventory. There is a designated parking area marked in orange for customer pickup, and you're given a phone number to call once you arrive. Pretty simple and easy.

I think it's great that Walmart has made this service available since there are so many situations where grocery pickup would come in handy. This service could be life-changing for moms, seniors, and generally anyone with a busy schedule. I know many Hyvee locations already offer store pickup, but Walmart having the service available gives shoppers another option. Plus, Hyvee has a small fee for store pickup, whereas Walmart does not, making Walmart's service a plus for someone on a tight budget.

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