Before we jump into this I just want to say I am in love with this show, and it is so tight with how well it creates its story and continues to build the MCU. That is why I was thrown off to see these two "errors."

To be fair this could have been made on purpose. That's the best part about this show. We never know what's meant to happen or not.

The first error we saw was when they go into Wanda's memory of her father opening up a briefcase with "Malcolm in the Middle" as one of the shows in it. It came out in 2000, so the times do appear to be a bit off. Again that could have been on purpose to show how confused she is.

The next one also happens with this first flash back. When you watch "Age OF Ultron" (which is recommended after every time you watch a WandaVision episode.) The original Pietro Maximoff tells Ultron they were attacked by a Stark Industry Bomb while eating dinner. However that's not what happens when Wanda travels back to the memory. They are watching TV, not eating food.

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Is this done on purpose to tell us other memories may not be what they seem? Or was this just a simple error? We have seen Marvel slip up every once in a while, but I am curious to see what this means.

All I know is I hope that The final episode is longer than just 30 minutes! I'm also geeked that they finally called her the Scarlet Witch!

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