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Telegraph Herald via YouTube

A new video has been released showing the explosion that happened on Monday on Loras Boulevard in Dubuque.

On Monday, Dubuque firefighters battled a fire caused by a gas leak on the 400 block of Loras Boulevard in Dubuque. There was a gas at the residents of 459 Loras Blvd. According to the Telegraph Herald, Dubuque firefighters were dispatched to the Loras Blvd home after Price Electric company struck a gas main while drilling in the area.

At 5:40 p.m. on Monday, the explosion occurred and only injured one firefighter who was struck by glass debris. According to the Telegraph Herald, Dubuque officials say that 16 building have been "condemned" and more than 50 people have been displaced because of the explosion.

Below is the video of the explosion from the traffic camera and raw drone footage from the Telegraph Herald.

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