It's a slow news day. If you have a couple bucks and feel lucky, why not play the lotto.

According to, tonight's Mega Millions jackpot is $350 million, making it the seventh largest in lotto history.  Powerball is $307 million.

How would you take the winnings? In a one time pay-out or over the course of time? Mega Millions pay-out is $218 million and Powerball is $193.2 million.

Either way, you could pry buy your own private island. Imagine "Wes World!" Everyone will drive Ford Explorers, rock out to Kiss (the National Anthem will be Rock N' Roll All-Night), Adel and Justin Bieber wont be allowed, and my 2nd in command will be my American Bull-Dog named Meatball! If Kim Jon-Un and Donald Dump step foot on my island, there will be a new show filmed for "Shark Week" called "When Crazy Dictators Get Eaten!" NASCAR will be replaced by Pod Races. MMA will include light sabers. Oh, and the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series everyday!

It's good to dream isn't it!

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