Sometimes I'm the smartest man alive (in my own opinion). I can figure out or troubleshoot just about anything. But if I have to many things going on, well...I'd forget my own name if it weren't taped on a note to my shirt.

Take this morning for example. I got up at 4am like normal. I was pretty proud of myself for having everything I needed for the weekend ready to go. as I was getting up out of bed, my right ankle gave out. This wasn't going to stop me. then I tripped over the cord to my fan and fell into the wall. I took a deep breath and said "self!" because that's what I call myself. I said "you got this!" I hoped in the shower and got ready for my day. I left my apartment and drove in to the station, no problem. Now, I forgot to mention its about a 35 minute drive for me to get to the station so I have to make sure I have EVERYTHING! As I grabbed my backpack I realized...I FORGOT MY CLOTHES FOR THE MARTINI SHAKE OFF!

Well looks like I'm driving back home just to get my outfit for tonight. I'm not sure I want to show up to represent my radio station in a Cubs hoodie and shorts.

I'll see you all tonight at the River Center in downtown Davenport tonight for the Martini Shake Off benefiting the Hav Life Foundation. It has always been a good time and from what I'm being told this year will be no exception. Lets just hope the rest of the day goes well cause I've about had it with Thursday.

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