With it being as cold as it's been this winter, Donald Trump about to take over the White House, I'm back on B100 and the Cubs finally winning the world series, it has made me think of one thing...THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! What would happen if zombies totally whipped us all out?

I read a story today that Researchers at the University of Leicester in England said it would take less than 100 days for humanity to be eliminated. 100 days? That's hardly time to do anything. If you figure the average probationary period for anything is like 90 days, add another 10 days and BAM! But would zombies survive a winter here in the Quad Cities? It's estimated that every zombie would have a 90% chance of infecting one person every day or eating their brains. That would make the infection spread twice as fast as the Plague did in Europe in the 14th century, and it would drop the population from 7.8 billion to 181 people in 100 days. seems like zombies wouldn't be ones for

It seems like zombies wouldn't be ones for wasting any time. I'm glad one of the things I learned in my 2 1/2 years away was how to shoot a handgun. If every person has a 10% chance of KILLING one zombie every day, we could kill off all the zombies in about 3 years, and it would take about 27 years before the population would start to recover. I guess the moral of this story here friends is to wash your hands and don't eat chewing gum you find on the sidewalk. What is 2017 gonna be like?

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