It's hard to believe that at one point it was Netflix VS HULU, now there's multiple big names when if comes to streaming.

Netflix use to be the place for all the shows, but has now switched to focusing more on originals, while HULU holds onto some pretty big names when it comes to shows and movie. However some newer streaming services are proving to be just as big if not bigger than these once known juggernauts of streaming.

Other streaming services include:

Disney+ :basically if you want any Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, or Marvel movies / shows you need Disney+.

HBO Max: It is similar to HULU in that it mostly has big name shows, but if you want any DC movies / Shows you'll need HBO.

Amazon Prime Video: This one also has countless titles, I see this more as a catch all of movies, and TV shows. If you want something particular it's probably on here.

Shudder: Now horror movies also have a home, it's on Shudder. If you're a horror movie fan and can't find what you're looking for, it's most likely here.

Sling TV or Fubo TV : These are kind of like cable. In short you pay a monthly subscription fee in exchange for about 30 real-time channels. is also pretty similar to that.

YouTube: Crazy to think, but this also can be considered a streaming service now.

WOW That's a lot, and not even all of them! Clearly the market is getting a bit to big. Someday we may see a few of these drop off, so while they are still all here let us know witch one is your favorite?

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