Dust off your snow shovels and get your boots ready. It looks like the season's first accumulating snowfall is taking place tomorrow morning.

According to WQAD's Eric Sorensen, the timeline will go a little something like this: rain will hit the area tonight and temps will actually warm up for a bit; even into the 50's. We'll still probably see some rain in the morning, too. Cooling will start to take place in the clouds, so snow will be produced at cloud height. By 10 AM tomorrow morning, snow will be covering the QCA. (The timeline can always change, however, so don't quote me-or Eric!- on that last part.)

Sorensen says that snow is falling on unfrozen ground, meaning it's hard to say how much will actually stick. While it could just be a dusting, there is a possibility of seeing a few inches around the Quad Cities.

No matter how much snow we get, there will always be unprepared drivers, so remember to drive defensively and leave plenty of room between yourself and the next car. Go slow, and if you feel like it's snowing too much to safely drive, stay home (preferably with a warm beverage) instead.

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